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Reveling the Universe’s Cosmic Speed Limit with James Webb Space Telescope

The universe’s rate of expansion, known as the Hubble constant, stands as a fundamental parameter in our quest to understand the cosmos’s evolution and Cosmic speed limit. Yet, a persistent and perplexing discrepancy, termed the “Hubble Tension,” lingers between the Hubble constant’s measured value and the value anticipated from the aftermath of the Big Bang. NASA’s upcoming James Webb Space Telescope offers a fresh perspective on this cosmic enigma, with Nobel Laureate Adam Riess and his team utilizing Webb’s capabilities to refine local measurements of the Hubble constant.

Time interval over Cosmic Speed Limit

The Hubble constant, often referred to as the universe’s “speed limit,” divulges the rate at which the cosmos expands. To read this celestial sign, astronomers employ certain stars called Cepheid variables. These supergiant stars pulsate, varying in brightness in relation to their intrinsic luminosity. By measuring the time interval over which Cepheids change their brightness and their distance from us, scientists can calculate the expansion rate of the universe.

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Reveling the Universe’s Cosmic Speed Limit with James Webb Space Telescope

However, one significant challenge arises when observing Cepheids in the cosmos: their proximity to other stars in crowded regions of galaxies. This crowdedness complicates the separation of individual Cepheid stars from their neighboring celestial companions, introducing noise into the measurements.

The Hubble Space Telescope addressed this issue to some extent, as its position above Earth’s atmosphere permitted sharper visibility in visible wavelengths. Nevertheless, to observe Cepheids accurately, astronomers need to rely on near-infrared light, which can traverse dust more effectively, but this spectral range presents challenges. Hubble’s red-light vision in this spectrum is less precise than in the blue, causing blending of Cepheid light with nearby stars.

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Enter the James Webb Space Telescope (Webb). Webb possesses exceptional near-infrared capabilities, and its larger mirror and advanced optics empower it to disentangle Cepheid light from the interference of neighboring stars effectively. To test this, the team collected observations of Cepheids identified by Hubble in galaxies at two critical steps along the cosmic distance ladder—a sequence of measurements essential for determining the Hubble constant.

The results from Webb’s observations demonstrated a significant reduction in noise due to its near-infrared resolution. Over 320 Cepheids were observed across these two steps, validating the earlier Hubble measurements, albeit with more clarity. Webb also examined four additional supernova hosts, reaching similar conclusions for the entire sample.

Nonetheless, while these findings confirm the accuracy of Hubble’s Cepheid measurements, they do not resolve the perplexing Hubble Tension—a decade-long puzzle that suggests the universe’s expansion is occurring at a faster rate than predicted. This intriguing discordance could indicate the presence of exotic dark energy, exotic dark matter, a new understanding of gravity, or even a unique cosmic entity.

With Webb reinforcing Hubble’s measurements, the intriguing possibilities remain on the table, and the mystery of the Hubble Tension only deepens. The universe’s cosmic speed limit sign remains visible, yet its true meaning continues to elude us.

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