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Ravi Kishan and Kunal Vijayakar Delve into Baati Chokha, Politics, and More on ‘Poll Curry’

The inaugural episode of ‘Poll Curry with Kunal Vijayakar‘ has kicked off with a bang, featuring none other than Indian actor and Member of Parliament from Gorakhpur, Ravi Kishan. As the nation gears up for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, NDTV introduces a delectable new show that promises to reveal the culinary preferences of various political figures.

Set against the backdrop of Uttar Pradesh’s vibrant Gorakhpur, the premiere episode took viewers on a gastronomic journey as Kishan and Vijayakar savored local delicacies and engaged in stimulating discussions.

The culinary escapades commenced at a quaint eatery in Gorakhpur, where Kishan demonstrated the art of crafting ‘Baati’ for the beloved dish ‘Baati Chokha’ from scratch. Utilizing an array of pantry staples, including roasted gram flour, clarified butter, and aromatic spices, Kishan showcased his culinary prowess by preparing delectable Baatis on a traditional goitha. Not stopping there, Kishan even whipped up a tantalizing Paneer Baati variant for Vijayakar’s delight.

Amidst the sizzling cooking sessions, Kishan and Vijayakar regaled each other with playful banter, soulful melodies, and insightful conversations. Opening up about his dietary regimen, Kishan disclosed his preference for a vegetarian lifestyle, opting for nutritious fare such as juices, nuts, and jaggery. Shedding light on his disciplined routine during the election campaign, Kishan shared his weight loss journey and emphasized his reliance on coconut water, chaanch, and sattu juice for hydration.

However, amidst the rigors of political campaigns, Kishan confessed to indulging in a weekly cheat meal tradition with his family, relishing the indulgent flavors of ‘puri’ and stuffed parathas. Culminating the lively exchanges with a delectable bowl of kheer, the duo savored the sweet finale of their gastronomic odyssey.

From savory delights to savory discussions, ‘Poll Curry’ promises to be a delectable blend of culinary exploration and political discourse, offering viewers a unique perspective on the intersection of food and politics. Stay tuned for more tantalizing episodes as Kunal Vijayakar spices up the electoral fervor with his signature flair and flavor.

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