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Aliens Among Us? Mexican Lawmakers Hold Historic Hearing on UFOs and Extraterrestrial Evidence

In a remarkable and historic event, Mexican lawmakers gathered to discuss the possibility of extraterrestrial life and the existence of UFOs. During the hearing, politicians were presented with what was claimed to be the remains of non-human beings, marking Mexico’s first congressional event dedicated to Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP), also known as UFOs.

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Jaime Maussan, a prominent UFO enthusiast and journalist, showcased two artifacts that he asserted were the corpses of extraterrestrials. These specimens, which Maussan said were not related to any life on Earth, were displayed in protective cases. They featured three fingers on each hand and elongated heads and were reportedly discovered in Peru near the ancient Nazca Lines in 2017, dating back around 1,000 years.

While similar discoveries in the past have turned out to be mummified children, Maussan stated, “This is the first time extraterrestrial life is presented in such a form, and I think there is a clear demonstration that we are dealing with non-human specimens that are not related to any other species in our world and that any scientific institution can investigate it. We are not alone.”

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Jose de Jesus Zalce Benitez, Director of the Scientific Institute for Health of the Mexican navy, confirmed that X-rays, 3-D reconstruction, and DNA analysis had been conducted on the remains, and he confidently declared, “I can affirm that these bodies have no relation to human beings.”

The hearing also featured testimony from former U.S. Navy pilot Ryan Graves, who shared his personal experiences with UAP and the challenges of reporting such sightings. The event reflects a broader global shift in acknowledging and investigating unexplained aerial phenomena, with the U.S. government actively engaging in research and discussion around these phenomena.

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