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MCA crackdown on Chinese shell companies in India

Following simultaneous search and seizure operations conducted by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs on September 8, 2022 at the Gurgaon offices of Jillian Consultants India Private Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jilian Hong Kong Ltd, Fininty Pvt Ltd in Bangalore and Husys Consulting Ltd, formerly a listed company in Hyderabad’s Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO) arrested Mr Dorts yesterday.

Mr. Dortse is a board member of Jillian India Ltd and has apparently emerged as the mastermind of the entire racket of incorporating a large number of shell companies with Chinese links in India and providing fake directors on their boards. The arrested person, Mr. Dortse, has been identified as a resident of Mandi in Himachal Pradesh, according to records filed with the Registrar of Companies.

Evidence obtained during the investigation by ROC Delhi and the concurrent search operation clearly indicates that shell directors are being paid by Jilian India Ltd. to act as frontmen in several shell companies. Boxes full of company seals and digital signatures of fictitious directors were recovered from the site. Indian employees were in touch with their Chinese counterparts through a Chinese instant messaging app. It was also found that Husys Ltd. acting on behalf of Jilian India Ltd. Initial observation shows that Husys Ltd. entered into a contract with Jilian Hong Kong Ltd. Investigations to date have revealed the possible involvement of these shell companies in serious and harmful financial crimes. to the financial security of the country.

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs, under whose auspices SFIO operates, commissioned an investigation into Jilian Consultants India Private Limited and 32 other SFIO companies on 9 September 2022. Mr. Dortse and one Chinese national are two directors in Jilian Consultants India Private Limited. Based on the inputs and investigations conducted, it was found that Mr. Dortse had fled from Delhi NCR to a remote place in the state of Bihar and was trying to escape from India by road route. A special team was immediately constituted in the SFIO and dispatched to the said remote location. On the evening of 10 September 2022, the SFIO arrested Mr. Dorts, who was later produced in a jurisdictional court and warrants were obtained for his transit detention.

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