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Ben Affleck confirms ‘The Flash’ to be his final screen appearance as Batman

In an interview, Ben confessed that he will not be portraying the iconic character “Batman” after “The Flash”. The Flash will be his last screen appearance as Batman. A few years ago when Affleck was announced as the new Batman there was a lot of buzz around. But after some movies receiving unenthusiastic responses, the actor has confirmed that he will not be playing the character anymore.

Speaking to The Herald Sun, Affleck said that ‘The Flash’ will be his final movie as Bruce Wayne. This confirmation puts to rest the rumors that Detective Comics (DC) and Warner Brothers were in talks with him to do a solo Batman web series.

Ben had disclosed last year in an interview that he had started drinking again following a very hard experience working on The Justice League with Joss Whedon. This primarily was the reason that his quitting the DC universe and dropping out of his solo Batman movie.

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