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US Should Shift from Strategic Ambiguity to Strategic Clarity on Taiwan Issue, Says Indian American Presidential Candidate

Indian American Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has called for a shift in the US approach to Taiwan from “strategic ambiguity” to “strategic clarity.” He believes that the US should commit to affirmatively defending Taiwan against Chinese annexation until the US achieves semiconductor independence. Ramaswamy argues that safeguarding the global semiconductor supply chain is vital for US national security.

Currently, the US embraces the “One China” Policy and maintains a stance of “strategic ambiguity” regarding its defense of Taiwan. Ramaswamy contends that this approach increases the risk of major conflict between the US and China, particularly as Taiwan plays a critical role in the semiconductor industry, which is essential to the US economy.

Ramaswamy proposes that Taiwan should increase its military expenditures while the US strengthens its alliances with countries like India, Japan, and South Korea. This approach aims to counter Chinese aggression and protect US interests without escalating to a global conflict.

While advocating for a shift in US policy toward Taiwan, Ramaswamy faces political scrutiny and attacks from opponents, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. A super political action committee associated with DeSantis has reportedly been critical of Ramaswamy. Despite the challenges, Ramaswamy remains committed to his vision for US foreign policy and national security.

The issue of Taiwan remains a contentious topic in US-China relations, with debates over how the US should respond to potential Chinese aggression against the island nation.

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