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NASA’s Captivating Image of Saturn with Venus, Mars, Earth, and Moon Photobombers

NASA continues to captivate space enthusiasts with its stunning images of the universe, and its Instagram account serves as a treasure trove of educational videos and mesmerizing space and Earth visuals. In a recent Instagram post, NASA shared a breathtaking image of Saturn captured by the Cassini spacecraft from a distance of 746,000 miles (1.2 million kilometers).

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The image, created using red, green, and blue filters, presents a natural-color view of Saturn against the backdrop of space. What makes this image even more special is the presence of some celestial photobombers. Venus, Mars, Earth, and Earth’s Moon appear as small dots of light in the picture.

NASA’s caption for the image reads, “Cassini not only captured the gas giant but also some world photobombers with Venus, Mars, Earth, and Earth’s Moon visible as small dots of light. Saturn, the sixth planet from the Sun, will be visible each day at sunset until Feb. 2024, appearing like a bright yellowish ‘star’ on the southeastern horizon.”

The accompanying explanation delves further into the celestial alignment: “In the first image, Venus appears as a bright white dot in the upper left. Mars is diagonally above Venus and appears as a faint red dot. Earth and the Moon appear in the second image as a pale blue dot.

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