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CEO Sookrit Malik Explores Roadblocks and Solutions in India’s Energy Transition Journey

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape of energy transition, India stands at a critical juncture. With a burgeoning population and ambitious growth aspirations, the country’s energy needs have never been greater.

However, as CEO Sookrit Malik, an expert in energy efficiency, highlights, the private sector faces significant hurdles in adopting energy-efficient innovations. From high upfront investments to a lack of awareness and expertise, these challenges hinder progress towards a more sustainable future.

Despite the obstacles, there is hope on the horizon. Malik delves into actionable solutions, from accurate energy measurement techniques to innovative business models like Shared Savings Agreements. By leveraging digital technologies and fostering a culture of energy efficiency, businesses can unlock vast potential for cost savings and emission reductions. As India charts its course towards net-zero emissions by 2070, addressing these challenges is paramount for achieving long-term sustainability and prosperity.

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