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Schedule of second-part of ‘Pro Kabaddi League’ announced

Bengaluru: The organizers of Pro Kabaddi League 2022, Mashal Sports, announced the second half of the league where 33 matches will be played, starting from 20th January and ending on 4th February.

The first half of the league concludes on 20th January, with the Tamil Thalaivas facing the Gujrat Giants. The second part of the PKL will begin on the same night, that is, on 20th January where Bengaluru Bulls will be facing Patna Pirates in the first match.

The 33 matches of the second half includes the ‘Rivalry Week’ which is scheduled from January 31 to February 4. In the ‘Rivalry Week’ the playing teams are selected for popular sentiments and folklore between their respective geographies.

Speaking on the schedule, Mashal Sports CEO Anupam Goswami said, “A notable feature of the Pro Kabbadi is that it offers the highest number of matches among front-ranking Indian sports leagues. This is a unique value proposition for its 12 teams, its athlete pool, as well as sports fans and sponsors in our country’s sports ecosystem. The completion of the 66 matches of the first half of Season 8, as well as the release of the next 33 matches, is proof of our commitment to the intrinsic value of ‘Pro Kabbadi’.

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