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Cross Cutting Research: Scientist claimed that restoration of age is possible: Miraculous Research done by Scientist on rat

A recent research is no less than a miracle, there has been a return of your lost age, that is, if you have grown up and want to look young once again, then this research has been successful in this field and it is They are saying age-reverting research which is no less than a miracle.

Recently a team of scientists has done this research on rats, in which they got success. And on the basis of this, it is believed that the day is not far when this can happen for humans too. If you are 60 and dream of good skin, that means you want to look 30 years old, then it is not impossible in the coming years. This research has been published in Cell, whose name is Loss of Epigenetic Information as Cause of Mammalian Aging. Researcher Sinclair believes that aging is actually the result of cells not being able to read their own DNA properly.

In this research of Harvard Medical School, scientists have succeeded in making old and weak-sighted rats young again. The surprising thing is that this process can also be reversed, that is, it is also possible to make a young person old before time. Researcher David Sinclair says that aging is a reversible process, with which it is possible to tamper. Till now it was believed that changes in age are visible when cells become sluggish, while this research seems to prove such theory wrong.

Let us tell you that this research was done on rats and lasted for about a year and during this time cells of human adult skin were inserted in old and weak-sighted rats, due to which those rats became capable of seeing well in a few days. Later, brain, muscle and kidney cells were also made young in the same way.

In this joint research of Harvard Medical School and Boston University, scientists found that age starts decreasing and the skin starts to look young and shiny as before, not only this, the same agility as youth also returned. This research was also published in the scientific journal Cell. .

However, this research was done on a very small group of rats, so scientists are excited, but they do not have an exact answer about how true it will be for humans. Scientists are continuously working on this research. At present, it will be known only in the future that how effective this research will be on us humans.

Opinion and Edited by Megha Chaubey

Managing Director – Meghabri Consultancy Services

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