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Operation Sajag: Indian Coast Guard’s Vigilant Guardians of Coastal Security

On September 18, 2023, the Indian Coast Guard orchestrated a remarkable display of preparedness and collaboration with “Operation Sajag,” a comprehensive drill encompassing all stakeholders in the coastal security domain. This annual drill serves as a vital instrument for the revalidation of the nation’s coastal security mechanisms and as a means to raise awareness among the seafaring community, particularly the fishermen at sea.

The operation unfolded with meticulous scrutiny, involving exhaustive document checks and verification of crew passes for every fishing boat, barge, and craft navigating the expansive Indian coastline. A remarkable 118 ships, including vessels from Customs, Marine Police, Ports, and the Indian Navy, enthusiastically participated in this exercise.

To bolster the nation’s coastal security construct, a series of strategic measures have been integrated, spanning from the issuance of biometric cards for fishermen to the color-coding of fishing boats based on their respective states. This multifaceted approach includes the manning of fish landing centers, stringent access control at entry/exit checkpoints, comprehensive coastal mapping, the allocation of specific marine band frequencies for security agencies, and the systematic training of marine police personnel by the Indian Coast Guard.

The deployment of biometric card readers to security agencies adds an extra layer of vigilance to the coastal defense strategy. Beyond the monitoring of dhows and island security, the coastal security construct has also institutionalized community interaction programs, strengthening bonds and trust within coastal communities.

“Operation Sajag” is not merely a one-time event; it is a recurring monthly drill. Its outcomes serve as the blueprint for refining and enhancing the coastal security framework, ensuring that the nation remains ever-vigilant along its shores. This drill is an invaluable tool for verifying the implementation of various coastal security measures, while simultaneously shedding light on essential lessons and emerging trends in coastal security.

As guardians of our coastal boundaries, the Indian Coast Guard’s dedication to safeguarding our shores is evident through operations like “Operation Sajag.” Their unwavering commitment to coastal security reinforces the safety and prosperity of our nation’s maritime interests.

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