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Indian security forces have successfully foiled an infiltration attempt by heavily armed terrorists

In separate operations, Indian security forces have successfully foiled an infiltration attempt by heavily armed terrorists along the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir’s Machhal Sector in Kupwara. During these operations, two terrorists were killed, and a significant cache of arms, ammunition, and explosives was recovered.

Here are the key details of these operations:

First Operation (OP GUCCHINAR):

The Indian Army, along with the Jammu and Kashmir Police and intelligence agencies, launched a joint operation on the night of September 29-30 in the Machhal Sector, Kupwara.

The operation was based on intelligence inputs regarding an infiltration attempt by a group of two to four terrorists.

The ambush party noticed the movement of two terrorists from the Pakistan side, approaching the Line of Control fence on September 30 at 10:40 pm.

A firefight ensued when the terrorists tried to flee across the LOC under the cover of dense foliage. During this firefight, one terrorist was killed instantly, and the second terrorist was neutralized.

The bodies of both terrorists were recovered during the search operation.

Recovered Items:

2 AK series rifles, 90 rounds of AK ammunition, 1 pistol, 2 hand grenades, Pakistan currency notes worth 2,100, Winter clothing, medicines, and other war-like stores.

Second Operation (OP MACHHAL PRAHAAR-III):

Another joint search operation was launched by the Indian Army, Jammu and Kashmir Police, and intelligence agencies under the name “MACHHAL PRAHAAR-III” in the Machhal Sector, Kupwara.

During this operation, a substantial cache of arms, ammunition, and explosives was discovered at Poshmargi in the Machhal Sector.

Recovered Items:

1 AK rifle, 2 Under Barrel Grenade Launchers (UBGL), 26 UBGL grenades, 2 hand grenades, Large quantities of explosive materials

Other war-like stores

The Indian security forces have demonstrated their readiness and efficiency in responding to infiltration attempts and maintaining the security of the region. The operations have successfully thwarted potential threats posed by terrorists along the Line of Control.

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