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PM Narendra Modi approved the National-level IndiaAI mission with a budget of Rs.10,371.92 crore

In a significant stride towards advancing the vision of Making AI in India and Making AI Work for India, the Cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, has approved the comprehensive national-level IndiaAI mission with a budget outlay of Rs.10,371.92 crore.

The IndiaAI mission aims to establish a comprehensive ecosystem that catalyzes AI innovation through strategic programs and partnerships across the public and private sectors. By democratizing computing access, improving data quality, developing indigenous AI capabilities, attracting top AI talent, enabling industry collaboration, providing startup risk capital, ensuring socially impactful AI projects, and bolstering ethical AI, it will drive responsible, inclusive growth of India’s AI ecosystem.

Key Components of the IndiaAI Mission:

IndiaAI Compute Capacity: Building a high-end scalable AI computing ecosystem with 10,000 or more Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) through public-private partnership. An AI marketplace will also be developed to offer AI as a service and pre-trained models to AI innovators, serving as a one-stop solution for critical AI resources.

IndiaAI Innovation Centre: Undertaking the development and deployment of indigenous Large Multimodal Models (LMMs) and domain-specific foundational models in critical sectors.

IndiaAI Datasets Platform: Streamlining access to quality non-personal datasets for AI Innovation through a unified data platform, providing seamless access to Indian startups and researchers.

IndiaAI Application Development Initiative: Promoting AI applications in critical sectors by addressing problem statements sourced from Central Ministries, State Departments, and other institutions, focusing on impactful AI solutions for socio-economic transformation.

IndiaAI FutureSkills: Increasing AI courses in undergraduate, masters-level, and Ph.D. programs to mitigate barriers to entry into AI programs. Establishing Data and AI Labs in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities to impart foundational level courses.

IndiaAI Startup Financing: Supporting and accelerating deep-tech AI startups, providing streamlined access to funding for futuristic AI Projects.

Safe & Trusted AI: Implementing Responsible AI projects, including the development of indigenous tools and frameworks, self-assessment checklists for innovators, and governance frameworks to ensure responsible development, deployment, and adoption of AI.

The IndiaAI Mission, once implemented, will propel innovation, build domestic capacities, and ensure the tech sovereignty of India. It will create highly skilled employment opportunities, harnessing the demographic dividend of the country, and demonstrate how transformative technology can be used for social good, enhancing India’s global competitiveness.

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