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Israel Approves Ceasefire Deal with Hamas for Release of Hostages

In a significant development amid the ongoing conflict, the Israeli government has approved a ceasefire deal with Hamas, marking the first truce between the two parties after more than six weeks of intense fighting. The deal involves the release of 50 women and children held by Hamas, but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu emphasized that this does not signify the end of the war.

Before the war cabinet voted on the ceasefire agreement, Netanyahu declared, “We are at war, and we will continue the war until we achieve all our goals. To destroy Hamas, return all our hostages, and ensure that no entity in Gaza can threaten Israel.”

The ceasefire deal was mediated by officials from Qatar, and it comes after weeks of intense conflict and negotiations. The United States, represented by President Joe Biden, played a role in facilitating the agreement, ensuring that it included more hostages being released and fewer concessions, according to Netanyahu.

Key Points of the Ceasefire Agreement:

First Pause in Bombardment: The ceasefire marks the first pause in the ongoing hostilities between Israel and Hamas. Additionally, humanitarian aid will have access to Gaza during this halt.

Release of 50 Women and Children: As part of the deal, Hamas will release 50 women and children who have been held captive. The timeline for the truce going into effect and the release of hostages is yet to be clarified, but it is expected to commence soon.

Extension of Ceasefire: The Israeli government has committed to extending the ceasefire for an additional day for every 10 hostages released by Hamas.

Palestinian Prisoners’ Release: Hamas, in a statement welcoming the humanitarian truce, mentioned that 150 Palestinians would be released from Israeli jails as part of the agreement.

Both sides have confirmed the ceasefire agreement after extensive negotiations, and despite facing resistance from some members of the war cabinet, Netanyahu stressed that it was a difficult but necessary decision.

The hostages involved in the conflict were taken captive by Hamas on October 7, with approximately 240 individuals, including Israeli citizens and foreigners with dual citizenship. The release of hostages has been a central point of contention in the conflict, with Hamas having previously released four captives, citing humanitarian reasons.

The development signals a temporary halt in the conflict, with the hope that diplomatic efforts can pave the way for a more sustainable resolution in the future.

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