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French President Macron: G20 Declaration Isolates Russia on Ukraine Crisis

French President Emmanuel Macron has underlined the isolation of Russia on the issue of the Ukraine crisis following the adoption of the G20 leaders’ New Delhi declaration. Speaking at a media briefing, Macron emphasized that the G20 declaration reaffirms Russia’s isolation, with an “overwhelming majority” of G20 members condemning the war in Ukraine and its consequences.

The G20 leaders’ declaration, adopted by consensus during India’s presidency, sent a message of unity and peace to the world while refraining from explicitly mentioning the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This diplomatic move was seen by many as a balance between Western powers and other G20 members.

President Macron noted that the declaration emphasized the importance of upholding principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity and called on all states to refrain from the “threat, or use, of force” to acquire territory. It also expressed the G20’s commitment to achieving a “just and lasting” peace in Ukraine.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida also weighed in, describing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as something that could shake the foundation of cooperation within the G20 and have a significant impact on the global economy.

Macron expressed gratitude to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his efforts toward global peace during India’s presidency of the G20. He acknowledged that India had performed well as the G20 president, given the current global environment.

The G20’s stance on the Ukraine conflict has been a subject of diplomatic maneuvering, with this year’s declaration differing from the one issued at the previous Bali summit. Despite challenges posed by differing views among G20 members, the New Delhi declaration underscores the G20’s commitment to addressing global challenges, including conflicts, for the sake of international peace and stability.

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