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Emraan Hashmi turns 44 on Friday, he called Aishwarya Rai artificial during his debut on Koffee with Karan in 2014

When Emraan Hashmi made his debut on filmmaker Karan Johar’s chat show Koffee with Karan in 2014, he made several statements that not only grabbed the headlines of the day but also stuck with him for a long time. On the show, Emraan called Aishwarya Rai “plastic” and even said that his famous kiss with Mallika Sherawat in Murder (2004) was his worst on-screen.

As Friday marks Emraan’s 44th birthday, we take a look back at all the smartest statements he made during his appearance on the fourth season of Koffee with Karan. Emraan appeared opposite Mahesh Bhatt in 2014. During the episode, Emraan jokingly “blamed” Mahesh for creating his “serial kissing image”, but the filmmaker said, “That penthouse he has in Beverly Hills, India – Palli Hill – costs ₹ 40 million is thanks to that picture. Left to his own devices, he barely had the means to buy a cycle.’

It is called Aishwarya Rai “plastic”

Emraan shocked everyone when he named Aishwarya Rai during a rapid fire round on Koffee with Karan. Emraan was asked to name an actor/actress who comes to his mind when he hears any particular words. As Karan said “plastic”, Emraan replied, “Aishwarya” (Rai).

The comment turned out to be a sore point for Emraan. In a 2014 interview, Emraan said, “I didn’t mean it like that. I am a big fan of Aishwarya. It’s the format of the show. I can’t say nothing and not win a basket. I love her. I have always been a great admirer of her work. I knew people would make a big deal out of it… so what, people make a big deal out of nonsense all the time.” In another interview, he also told Zoom TV that “Karan makes you say these things” on the show.

The kiss with Mallika was his worst on screen

Although it was his first and the one that catapulted him to national fame, Emraan said his kiss with Mallika Sherawat was his worst on-screen kiss. Karan asked him about his best kiss and Emraan said, “There was a lot with Jacqueline Fernandez in Murder 2.” When asked about the worst, Emraan did not hesitate to name Mallika.

Calling Mahesh Bhatt a ‘Blackmailer’

Recalling his first stint with the filmmaker, Emraan told Karan that Mahesh Bhatt would throw a newspaper at him every day at 4 am so that he could wake up early and start working on the script with him.

When Mahesh jokingly suggested that Emraan was a miser (he refused to behave with him after he became popular), the actor quipped that he was not a miser but Mahesh was a “blackmailer”. Mahesh played along and told Karan that after creating the persona of a star (Emraan), Mahesh deserved to be paid for his efforts, “even the Mafia is doing it”.

I would have found the Idiot’s Handbook in Mallika Sherawat’s bedroom During the rapid-fire round, Emraan was asked what he would find in Mallika Sherawat’s bedroom and he quickly replied, “An idiot’s guide to success in Hollywood.”

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