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Delta Air Lines Addresses Engine Parts Issue Amid FAA Compliance Concerns

Delta Air Lines announced on Monday that it has been notified by one of its service providers about a situation involving a “small number” of overhauled engines that contain parts lacking proper documentation.

The airline is actively collaborating with the engine service provider to address and replace the affected parts, all while ensuring full compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) regulations, according to Delta’s statement.

Although the company did not disclose the identity of the engine service provider responsible for the engine overhauls, it was reported that the problematic parts were initially certified by AOG Technics. These discrepancies in the certification were detected by an unidentified third party, as reported by Bloomberg News.

This situation comes on the heels of a recent issue involving jet engine manufacturer CFM International, which identified thousands of engine components that may have been distributed with falsified documentation by the British distributor AOG Technics. The FAA had previously noted that AOG Technics had sold bushings for GE Model CF6 engines without obtaining the agency’s approval.

Delta Air Lines’ proactive response to the engine parts issue reflects the airline’s commitment to ensuring the safety and compliance of its aircraft fleet while addressing concerns related to documentation and component quality.

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