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Vehicles Vandalised Outside Congress Office in Amethi; Party Blames BJP, Police Probe Underway

In a disturbing incident in Uttar Pradesh’s Amethi, several vehicles parked outside the Congress office were reportedly vandalized on Sunday night. The Congress has squarely blamed the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for the attack, alleging that BJP workers orchestrated the violence, leading to injuries to some Congress workers.

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Taking to social media, the Congress accused BJP workers, particularly mentioning Union Minister Smriti Irani, of orchestrating the attack out of frustration over their defeat in Amethi. The party alleged that the police administration remained passive during the incident, allowing the vandalism to occur unchecked.

Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate condemned the incident, highlighting the injuries sustained by Congress workers and local residents. She criticized the BJP for resorting to violence, emphasizing that destructive acts wouldn’t solve any problems.

Responding to the allegations, the Amethi Police stated that necessary legal action is being taken based on the complaint received at the Gauriganj police station. However, the BJP is yet to officially comment on the matter.

The incident comes amidst a charged political atmosphere in Amethi, with the Congress fielding Kishori Lal Sharma against sitting MP Smriti Irani in the upcoming Lok Sabha election. The electoral battle in Amethi has garnered significant attention, especially after Smriti Irani’s victory over Rahul Gandhi in the previous election.

As the Lok Sabha election 2024 approaches, Amethi remains a key battleground, with both the Congress and BJP vying for electoral dominance in the region. The incident of vehicle vandalism underscores the intensity of political rivalries and the challenges faced by parties in the electoral fray.

Amethi is slated to vote in the fifth phase of the Lok Sabha election on May 20, adding urgency to the investigation into the vandalism incident and ensuring the maintenance of peace and order in the region during the electoral process.

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