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Technology Focus: BIS has undertaken several initiatives to fast-track the formulation and harmonization

The Ministry Of textiles in collaboration with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) has organized the 5th National Conclave of Standards for Professional Textile, Building Standards in India @ 2047 here today.The conference was opened by Shri U P Singh, secretary, and textile department. It included a wide range of sessions and discussions on standards and regulations covering various aspects of Fabric Technology including ProTech& Specialty Fibers, AgroTech&MediTech, GeoTech&BuidTech, MobilTech, Composites and InduTech.

300 delegates including Officials and representatives from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Line Ministries and Departments of Central Government, Regional Governments, and Outstanding Industrialists from India attended in mixed mode. (Physical and material).Speaking at the opening ceremony of the conference, Shri U P Singh, Secretary of the Ministry of Textiles emphasized that the National Technical Textiles Mission (NTTM) and PLI in Textiles support the import and export of textile fabrics to India. He added that the standards provide a framework for assisting textile manufacturers in India. The continued adoption and development of standards for each product category and part will have a positive impact on the use of technological textile products in India, he stressed.

He stressed that the development and adoption of Indian standards for high quality Technical Textiles is a matter of time. It is necessary to consider whether it is possible to have Quality Control Orders (QCOs) in other Technology Fabrics from a safety, health and environmental perspective.How to collaborate between the Department of Fabrics, Bureau of Indian Standards, Research Organizations, Industry and Education to work closely together to identify gaps and work towards integrating Indian textile technology standards with world standards. The government will try to provide all the support needed to develop the Indian textile industry worldwide, adds Shri U P Singh.

During the keynote address, Lt. Gen. Shri Rajeev Chaudhry, VSM, Director-General, Border Roads Organization (BRO) emphasized the effective role of BRO in promoting the widespread use of Geo-textiles products including Geogrid, Geocell, Geofabrics and Geodrains as a whole. . various road construction projects on the borders, in the mountains and in the wetlands of India.

He added that BRO has partnered with industry and academia to develop innovative and innovative solutions. Therefore, the suspension of these products plays an important role in increasing consumption, going forward.Shri Rajeev Sharma, Deputy Director General (General) of BIS stressed that more than 500 standards have been developed for BIS textile products in India since 2011 and another 40+ standards are being developed in partnership with the Department of Fabrics, Industry and other lines. Services and Departments.

The BIS has made a number of efforts to accelerate the development and harmonization of technological standards including the formation of a special Technical Textiles Committee, Pre-ISO Technical Committee Membership, Digitization of standardization activity, Action-Research based approach, Free of Indigenous Cost. Knowledge of standards and MoUs and outstanding institutions have been a concerted effort by the BIS to create standards for technological fabric in India, he added.ShriRajinder Gupta, Chairman of FICCI Textiles Committee & Chairman, Trident Ltd said technology is changing rapidly and widely used technology can play an important role in transforming the country in the next twenty-five years.

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