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Indian Shooters Secure Silver Medal at 19th Asian Games

India has clinched its first medal at the 19th Asian Games, with a commendable performance by the trio of Ramita, Mehuli Ghosh, and Ashi Chouksey in the Women’s 10 Metre Air Rifle event. The Indian team secured a silver medal with a total score of 1886 points.

In the Women’s 10m Air Rifle Team event, the trio of Ghosh, Ramita, and Ashi Chouksey demonstrated their excellence, finishing second in the qualification round. Their combined score of 1886 placed them just behind China, who secured the gold medal with a score of 1896.6 points. Mongolia claimed the bronze medal with a total score of 1880 points.

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Ramita and Mehuli Ghosh’s exceptional performances in the individual event allowed them to qualify for the finals. Ramita secured the second position with a score of 631.9, while Mehuli Ghosh finished fifth with a score of 630.8.

Notably, China’s Han Jiayu set a new Qualification Asian Record during the event, achieving a score of 634.1, surpassing the previous record set by her compatriot Zhao Ruozhu in New Delhi in 2019 by 0.1 points.

This silver medal marks a fantastic start for the Indian contingent at the 19th Asian Games and reflects the dedication and skill of the country’s talented shooters.

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