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Anupam Kher’s Heartfelt Birthday Message to Son Sikandar Kher

In a heartwarming birthday tribute, veteran actor Anupam Kher penned a candid and touching message to his son, Sikandar Kher, on his 42nd birthday. The message, shared on Instagram, not only exuded fatherly love but also included a special request from Anupam’s wife, Kirron Kher.

Accompanied by a charming picture of the father-son duo, the message read, “Happy Birthday dearest Sikandar! You have grown to be a wonderful man! Confident, vulnerable, most of the time responsible, funnier of course, and loving when you want! And a FANTASTIC actor! My wish for you – May God give you all the happiness in the world! May you have a long, healthy, and peaceful life! May you shave every alternate day if not every day and so on! Your mother’s wish apart from all this – GET MARRIED!! Love and prayers always! @sikandarkher.”

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In response to this affectionate message, Sikandar Kher humorously wrote, “Haha thank you dad! Love you lots .. the shaving bit we’ll have to sit and figure .. baaki sab ho jaega (will do the rest).”

The post garnered attention from well-wishers and fans, with Tusshar Kapoor reminiscing about their shared memories and a fan playfully suggesting that marriage was the solution to all problems in their country.

Sikandar Kher, who made his film debut with “Woodstock Villa” in 2008, has since earned recognition for his acting in both films and web series. His notable work includes roles in the Vasan Bala film “Monica O My Darling” and appearances in web shows such as “TVF Pitchers,” “Tooth Pari: When Love Bites,” and “Aarya.”

This heartwarming birthday message from Anupam Kher is a testament to the strong bond within the Kher family and their ability to share candid moments and laughter, even on special occasions.

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