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AI-driven first indigenous e-Tractor developed by the Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CMERI)

Marking a significant stride in India’s technological prowess, the Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CMERI) proudly unveiled the CSIR Prima ET11, a groundbreaking indigenous e-Tractor. The inauguration ceremony, graced by Dr. Jitendra Singh, Union Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Science & Technology, shed light on the pivotal role that Agri StartUps play in the nation’s economy. Dr. Singh passionately advocated the infusion of cutting-edge technologies, including AI, into the agricultural landscape.

In his address, Dr. Jitendra Singh underscored the surging influx of startups delving into the agricultural sector, focusing on specialized technologies such as e-Tractors, recycling solutions, drip irrigation, and even genome-sequenced farming methods for crops like Mango and Lotus. He observed that India had yet to fully embrace the acceleration that this sector warranted.

 He pointed out the wealth of untapped agricultural resources exclusive to India, contrasting with countries championing IT advancements. With a plethora of agricultural assets at its disposal, he emphasized India’s unique trajectory towards harnessing this potential, predicting its integral role in the nation’s economy over the next quarter-century.

Dr. Singh introduced the “5 S’s” mantra – Showcasing, Stakeholders, Startups, Synergizing, and Strategizing Industry Linkage – as a roadmap for the successful execution of research and development endeavors within government-run scientific labs. He articulated that without engaging all five components harmoniously, optimal outcomes would remain elusive.

Advocating for a holistic approach, Dr. Singh called for enhanced interaction among stakeholders, involving not only relevant Ministries but also fostering stronger connections between CSIR labs and industries. He proposed the creation of a dedicated cell to encourage investments, an essential element in sustaining innovation. He highlighted the readiness of the industry to invest but stressed the need for guidance in this endeavor.

Commending the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Dr. Jitendra Singh commended the Government’s efforts to empower the agriculture sector through measures such as Ease of Doing Business reforms. The nurturing environment and supportive leadership, he noted, elevated both the scientific community and its contributions.

Dr. Singh illuminated PM Modi’s vision that places the agriculture sector at the forefront during the transformative “Amrit Kaal,” the era of India’s ascension to a developed nation. With a focus on livelihood opportunities beyond traditional government jobs, he forecasted the Agri sector’s pivotal role in the nation’s economy, shaping the vocational landscape for the youth.

Amidst the occasion, Dr. Singh unveiled a book by CSIR-CIMAP and a compendium showcasing 75 pioneering technologies developed by CSIR. His deep interest in CMERI’s recycling vehicles and products underscored the Minister’s commitment to advancements with tangible impacts.

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