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Delhi Chief Secretary Faces Allegations of Favoritism in ₹850 Crore Scam and AI Software Tender

In a recent turn of events, Delhi Chief Secretary Naresh Kumar finds himself at the center of serious allegations, including claims of unfair benefits to his son, Karan Chauhan, in an ₹850 crore land acquisition scam and a questionable AI software tender. Delhi Vigilance Minister Atishi has submitted a detailed supplementary report to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, outlining the accusations against the high-ranking official.

Allegations in Detail:

Unfair Gains in AI Software Tender

Naresh Kumar’s son’s company, MetaMix, allegedly secured a tender from the Delhi government’s ILBS Hospital for developing AI software without following due process. The company, formed just seven months ago, is accused of making significant, undeserved profits from the project.

Recommendations by Minister Atishi

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Atishi has strongly recommended the immediate removal of Chief Secretary Naresh Kumar from his position and proposed disciplinary action against him. The minister suggests terminating the agreement between MetaMix and ILBS Hospital and advocates involving the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for a thorough inquiry.

Nature of Partnership and Conflicts of Interest Scrutinized

The supplementary report delves into the nature of the partnership between MetaMix and ILBS, scrutinizing the due process followed and benefits received by MetaMix. Investigators are looking into potential conflicts of interest arising from this collaboration. Referral of ₹850 Crore Land Acquisition Scam to CBI:

Following a preliminary report submitted by Minister Atishi, the Delhi Government has referred the alleged ₹850 crore land acquisition scam related to the Dwarka Expressway project to the CBI.

Response and Denial

Delhi Additional Chief Secretary Ashwani Kumar has categorically dismissed these allegations as “false and baseless.” He asserts that the character of Chief Secretary Naresh Kumar is being unjustly attacked, and the accusations lack any basis in truth.

The unfolding controversy has brought ethical considerations within the Delhi government into sharp focus, prompting demands for a comprehensive investigation into the alleged irregularities. The developments in this case are subject to further investigation and responses from all concerned parties.

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