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Windows 11 to get Android Apps and taskbar improvements

Washington [US]: In the next month, Microsoft plans to launch Android Apps for Windows 11 along with some taskbar improvements and other updates.

On Wednesday, the Windows chief “Panos Panay” indicated the upcoming changes to Windows 11 operating system. The mute and unmute feature that was missing at the launch of Windows 11, will be available once again as the taskbar improvement.

The addition of Android Apps to Windows 11 will be a “public preview”, which means it will be in beta stage when it’s available in the coming month. This is seen as the biggest new improvement on Windows 11.

Talking about the importance of Windows OS for the end-users, he said, “As we reflect on what’s driving this structural shift in PC demand and usage, we see three enduring trends: the rise in hybrid work and learning, shifts in entertainment habits and distribution models, and changing consumer habits for everyday tasks.”

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