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Skyroot Aerospace Unveils Vikram-1 Rocket to Deliver Satellites to Low Earth Orbit

Skyroot Aerospace, a space start-up, revealed its indigenously developed Vikram-1 rocket, set to deploy satellites into low Earth orbit in early 2024. The unveiling coincided with the inauguration of the company’s new headquarters, ‘The MAX-Q Campus,’ at the GMR Aerospace and Industrial Park in South Hyderabad. The campus is hailed as the largest private rocket development facility under one roof in India.

Vikram-1 multi-stage launch vehicle designed

Vikram-1 is a multi-stage launch vehicle designed to carry payloads of around 300 kg into low Earth orbit. It features an all-carbon-fiber body and 3D-printed liquid engines, enabling it to launch multiple satellites into space. This rocket follows the successful launch of Skyroot’s Vikram-S rocket in November the previous year.

The MAX-Q Campus will be instrumental in designing, manufacturing, and testing space launch vehicles, housing a workforce of approximately 300 members. The name “MAX-Q” is derived from the point of maximum stress that rockets experience during their journey to space, symbolizing Skyroot’s commitment to pushing boundaries in the space industry.

Jitendra Singh, India’s Science and Technology Minister, commended Skyroot Aerospace’s achievements, highlighting the company as an example of India’s talent and scientific expertise. He also emphasized the importance of India’s Public Private Partnership (PPP) in the space sector, initiated under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership.

Bharath Daka, the Co-Founder and COO of Skyroot Aerospace, expressed pride in the simultaneous unveiling of the Vikram-1 rocket and the inauguration of the new headquarters. He assured that Skyroot would provide further updates on the orbital mission with Vikram-1 as the early 2024 launch date approaches.

The launch of Vikram-1 marks a significant step in India’s growing space industry, showcasing the country’s technological capabilities and contributions to the global space arena.

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