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High Stakes and High Emotions in India vs. USA T20 World Cup Match

The high intensity on the field may not have given anything away, but the tension between the Indian and US players was evident before and after the T20 World Cup Group A match on Wednesday. Why not? After all, Team USA has seven players of Indian origin. Saurabh Netrawalkar, Harmeet Singh, and Monank Patel even shared the dressing room with some Indian players. But the sweetest moment was between Suryakumar Adadav and Aaron Jones.

Suryakumar entertained his brother, Aaron Jones.Suryakumar entertained his brother, Aaron Jones. Jones is a local talent and one of Team USA’s best players. He has shown impressive knocks against Canada and Pakistan in the T20 World Cup. He was given extra responsibility to face India due to the stupidity of regular captain Monak Patel.

Jones did an excellent job of bulking up his troops as he defended 111 against a strong Indian batting unit. But the game changed quickly in the last five overs, especially after the US was penalized with a stoppage time penalty that gave India a five-over penalty. After needing 35 balls from 30 balls, India’s tie was reduced to one in the last five overs after this incident.

Jones was disappointed. Another factor that worked against the USA was Suryakumar’s class as a T20 player. He is not No. 1 T20 for nothing. His unbeaten 50 off 49 balls helped India reach the Super 8 stage with three consecutive wins in 18.2 overs.Apart from Suryakumar’s ability to handle tough terrain, his sportsmanship stands out. Shivam Dube (31 off 35) comforted Suryakumar Jones with a side hug and broke after being bowled by US pacer Ali Khan.

The US hero shakes Surya’s hand and acknowledges the Indian hero’s attitude.Suryakumar Adadav is abroad for the T20 World Cup Group A match against the USA. The Nassau County International Cricket Stadium is like the surface used to play T20 cricket. It’s a slow, close, two-step process. If the bowlers bowl short of the long field, it is impossible for the batsmen to hit big. A large square border added to their problem. Even one and both were comforts at times.

Also, Surya’s two previous efforts here were not focused. He scored four goals against Ireland and took his eight goals to seven against Pakistan. In both cases, it is done with a slow pitch. It has been a perennial challenge for Surya in his impressive white-ball career.

With the absence of Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma in the third half of the match, it was Surya who was on target. He also influenced his natural instincts. Shura decided to dig deep and work the ball on the sidelines instead of relying solely on the border. He put on a 29-run stand with Rishabh Pant for the third wicket before the Indian wicketkeeper was dispatched by Ali Khan. The match-winning partnership came with Shivam Dube. Suriya and Dube put on an unbeaten 67 to help India win by seven wickets.

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