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Traditional media has low impact on well-being, finds a study

Washington, US: According to a research published in ‘Scientific Reports Journal’, consumption of traditional forms of media has very low and short-term effects on an adults’ well-being.

It is assumed that engaging with traditional media streams, such as books, music, and television improves well-being, while the new-age media streams such as social media, deteriorates well-being. However, the evidence of improvement in well-being due to engaging in traditional media is lacking.

Researcher Niklas with his colleagues studied the behaviour in media consumption and levels of well-being of 2,159 adults. In the weekly surveys, participants reported the time they spent engaging in music, television, video games, films, books, magazines, and audiobooks, during the previous week. The happiness and anxiety levels during the previous day was also reported by the participants.

Similar levels of happiness and anxiety was found in those who consumed books, magazines, and audiobooks, compared to those who did not. While those who consumed music, television, films, and video games, experienced lower happiness and higher anxiety levels than those who did not.

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