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Strong Earthquake Strikes Taiwan: Fear of Casualties and Tsunamis

Taiwan has been rattled by a powerful earthquake, triggering concerns of people being trapped in collapsed buildings and causing disruptions to electricity supply and train services. A tsunami alert has been issued for Taiwan, Japan, and the Philippines in the wake of the seismic activity.

The earthquake, registering a magnitude of 7.2 on the Richter scale, jolted Taiwan’s capital, Taipei, inflicting widespread destruction and power outages. Train operations were halted across the country, exacerbating the chaos following the tremors. Beyond Taiwan’s borders, the earthquake led to a tsunami hitting two islands of Japan.

Initial reports confirm four fatalities in Taiwan, with over fifty individuals sustaining injuries. However, authorities anticipate these numbers to rise as the situation unfolds. Disturbing images and videos circulating on social media depict collapsed buildings and extensive damage in Hualien, Taiwan, with structures crumbling like a house of cards.

As a precautionary measure, schools and government offices in Taiwan have been granted the option to close. The earthquake also inflicted damage on several historical heritage sites, including a school dating back to the Second World War.

Japan Airlines responded swiftly by suspending all flight services from the Okinawa and Kagoshima areas, while flights to tsunami-prone regions were diverted. In a bid to aid rescue efforts, the army has been mobilized to the affected areas of Taiwan amidst fears of individuals being trapped in debris.

Amidst the ongoing crisis, there looms a sense of apprehension regarding the possibility of further earthquakes in the coming days. This underscores the imperative for sustained vigilance and preparedness in the region. As authorities continue to assess the extent of the damage and provide aid to affected individuals, the situation remains dynamic and evolving.

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