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Sharib Hashmi Ventures Back to Theatre: A Journey from Films to Stage

Sharib Hashmi, known for his notable roles in web series like The Family Man, is gearing up for a return to his roots in theatre. Collaborating with his co-star Sunny Hinduja from The Family Man, Hashmi announced an upcoming two-man play, promising an immersive theatrical experience. Despite his success in the digital realm, Hashmi’s passion for theatre remains strong, marking a reversal of the typical journey from stage to screen.

Expressing his excitement and nervousness about returning to theatre, Hashmi reflects on his unconventional path. While many actors transition from theatre to films, Hashmi’s journey took the opposite route. Acknowledging his lack of formal theatre training, he attributes his foray into theatre to his Filmistaan co-actor Gopal Datt, who recognized his innate theatrical talent and offered him roles in a play. Hashmi emphasizes the freedom and satisfaction that theatre offers, contrasting it with his enduring love for cinema.

Hashmi’s career trajectory experienced a significant shift with the rise of OTT platforms, particularly his breakthrough role in The Family Man. Grateful for the opportunities provided by the digital medium, he acknowledges its role in revitalizing his career and securing diverse roles in acclaimed projects like Asur, Scam, and The Great Indian Murder. Hashmi credits OTT for his resurgence in the industry, paving the way for significant projects like Tarla, Afwaah, and Mission Majnu.

Embracing the label of a “character actor,” Hashmi remains unfazed by societal perceptions. While acknowledging the term’s prevalence among laymen, he prioritizes the genuine appreciation of his work over labels. Reflecting on his journey from leaving a stable job to pursue acting, Hashmi acknowledges the challenges he faced, including periods of uncertainty and judgment as a supporting actor. Despite encountering tough times and moments of invisibility in the public eye, Hashmi remains resilient, recognizing the transient nature of criticism and the enduring value of his craft.

As he embarks on this new theatrical venture, Hashmi’s journey exemplifies resilience, passion, and a steadfast commitment to his craft, reaffirming his status as a versatile talent in both stage and screen.

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