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Rahul Gandhi’s much-awaited speech on the no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha after his reappointment as an MP

Rahul Gandhi’s first speech in the Lok Sabha after his reappointment as an MP came on Wednesday, the second day of the no-confidence motion debate. Rahul Gandhi’s much-awaited speech on the no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha began at 12:10 pm on Wednesday.

Wayanad MP thanked Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla for his reinstatement as a Lok Sabha member and also apologized for his last speech in which he had mentioned Adani. “In my last speech in the House I spoke about Adani. I may have hurt a lot of people. So sorry…today I want to tell my friends in BJP that there is no reason to worry today as my keynote speech will not be about Adani. Yes, I will obviously throw some bricks,” said Rahul Gandhi.

This is Rahul Gandhi’s first speech after he regained his Lok Sabha membership after the Supreme Court stayed his conviction in the Modi surname case in 2019.

Quoting Rumi, Rahul Gandhi said today he will speak from his heart and not from his head – amid uproar from NDA MPs as Rahul Gandhi began speaking on his Bharat Jodo Yatra. “Wait a few more minutes if you have been waiting a day,” Rahul Gandhi said, asking for patience as he finished the prelude to his keynote speech on the no-confidence motion.

“Rumi ne kaha tha jo shabd dil se aate hain vo shabd dil me jaate hain to aaj main dimag se nahi bolna chah raha hoon, main dil se bolna chaah raha hoon,” said Rahul Gandhi.

“For PM Modi, Manipur is not in INDIA”

In relation to the no confidence motion brought by Congress and opposition parties in INDIA, Rahul Gandhi said that PM Modi did not visit Manipur because for him Manipur is not in India. “I am saying Manipur but the truth is that there is nothing of Manipur left in Manipur. You have divided Manipur into two parts,” Rahul Gandhi said.

Rahul Gandhi’s speech was interrupted; “One Question” by Kiren Rijiju

BJP MP Kiren Rijiju stood up and interrupted Rahul Gandhi’s speech and said that he has one question to ask Rahul Gandhi about what the Congress has done in the Northeast. A ruckus broke out in the Lok Sabha with Speaker Om Birla asking members to maintain decorum.

“One mother sitting here, another mother killed in Manipur, You have killed mother India in Manipur. My one mother is sitting here and my other mother was killed in Manipur. Indian army can bring peace in Manipur in one day but you are not using them. You want our soldiers to die. If PM Modi does not listen to the heart of India , whose voice is he listening to?”

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