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IIT-Mandi Developing Indigenous Quantum Computer Using Photons

New Delhi: The Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi, is embarking on a groundbreaking endeavor to develop an indigenous room-temperature quantum computer that will utilize photons for faster calculations, officials revealed.

Part of the National Quantum Mission, this pioneering computer is set to revolutionize data analysis and problem-solving by operating with an impressive 86 per cent accuracy, all without the need for traditional algorithms.

Quantum computing, a rapidly evolving technology, harnesses the principles of quantum mechanics to tackle problems too complex for classical computers.

“We are constructing a room-temperature optical Quantum computer capable of solving feature learning and classification problems instantly. With a sophisticated user interface, quantum simulator, and quantum processing capabilities, our computer will operate as a graphics processor (GPU), seamlessly processing inputs such as videos or photographs,” explained C S Yadav, Chairperson of the Center for Quantum Science and Technologies (CQST) at IIT-Mandi.

Yadav further elaborated that the quantum computer will utilize light for rapid calculations, leveraging quantum bits (qubits) to exist in multiple states simultaneously, enabling lightning-fast processing. Notably, the system will possess the capability to update itself and erase its memory using a specialized gel.

“Our objective is to make a photon-based quantum computer at room temperature, unlike the superconducting Josephson junction qubit-based quantum computers which require extremely low temperatures,” Yadav emphasized.

The team at IIT-Mandi is focusing on scaling up the quantum computing system from handling 16 tasks to 1,024 tasks simultaneously. Key components being developed include a single photon source, a phase-sensitive single-photon avalanche diode, and a multipurpose coincidence counter, all crucial for building quantum computers.

Laxmidhar Behera, Director of IIT-Mandi, underscored the institution’s significant strides in quantum computing technology, highlighting its potential to revolutionize various sectors.

“Through collaboration with startups and by establishing a robust supply chain, we aim to commercialize these components locally, reducing import dependency and saving significant costs for the government,” Behera stated, emphasizing the alignment of their efforts with the aspirations of the National Quantum Mission.

The development of this indigenous quantum computer represents a monumental leap forward in India’s technological landscape, poised to drive innovation and foster broader participation in the quantum revolution.

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