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Innovative Whizkid from Punjab Makes Top 10 for USD 100,000 Global Student Prize

In a triumph that showcases the power of innovation and perseverance, a 20-year-old information technology student from Chandigarh Engineering College in Mohali, Punjab, has ascended to the top 10 finalists for the prestigious USD 100,000 Chegg.org Global Student Prize 2023. Ravinder Bishnoi, who emerged from nearly 4,000 applications spanning 122 countries, now stands as a beacon of transformative impact in learning and society.

Bishnoi’s brilliance extends across a spectrum of useful creations, many of which bear patents. Among these stands his patented “Vehicle Horn Control Assembly,” a remarkable device aimed at curbing noise pollution triggered by unnecessary honking—especially near hospitals, schools, and residential areas. Another gem in his innovation repertoire is the patented “Assembly for Retraction of Side Stand,” designed to tackle the common yet critical issue of forgetting to retract the side stand of a two-wheeler bike.

Heather Hatlo Porter, Head of Chegg.org and Chief Communications Officer of edtech firm Chegg, lauds Bishnoi’s achievements, hailing his commitment, creativity, and resilience as truly inspiring. She views the Global Student Prize as an avenue for exceptional students across the world to share their narratives, connect, and influence education and beyond.

Bishnoi’s journey began against odds—back in 2012-2013, he navigated the waters of robotics, electronics, design, and engineering despite lacking direct access to smartphones and the internet. From there, he catapulted into a world of creation, birthing robots, exoskeletons, portable water and air filters, and various devices to aid those in need. His remarkable stride isn’t confined to personal accomplishments—Bishnoi also helps fellow students safeguard their ideas, offering lectures on Intellectual Property (IP) rights and assisting with patent filings.

This young prodigy’s trail of success includes a representation of his startup KieKie Private Limited at the G20 summit for the Startup 20 Engagement Group in Gangtok, Sikkim. Here, he showcased his entrepreneurial journey and innovations, even crossing paths with Prime Minister Narendra Modi during National Technology Week.

Sunny Varkey, founder of the Varkey Foundation, partners of the student prize, highlights the role of education in shaping a better tomorrow, casting Bishnoi’s story as a testament to education’s power to combat challenges spanning war, climate change, and inequality.

As Bishnoi gears up to compete against counterparts from around the world, including Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Chile, Ghana, Malaysia, Romania, and the US, the anticipation builds for the Global Student Prize Academy’s selection of the ultimate winner, set to be unveiled later this year.

But the story doesn’t end here. The Chegg.org Impact Fund, in collaboration with the Tides Foundation, unveils the Chegg Changemaker Fund, which will empower the top 50 Global Student Prize finalists to fortify their impact projects and initiatives. The Chegg Changemakers Mentor Program further complements this effort by linking these exceptional young minds with Chegg staff members for mentorship and guidance based on shared educational backgrounds, skills, and interests.

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