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Priyanka Chopra Celebrates Angelina Jolie’s First Tony Award for “The Outsiders” in Heartfelt Instagram Tribute

Priyanka Chopra pays tribute to Angelina Jolie, who won her first Tony Award for The Outsiders. Taking to her Instagram story on Tuesday, Priyanka congratulated Angelina Jolie and her daughter Vivienne. Angelina tied the Tony for Best Song.

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Priyanka posted a candid photo of Angelina and Vivienne from the event. He wrote: “Congratulations to this angel who deserves it in life and beyond! Congratulations on winning the Tony for Best Foreign Musical along with several awards and 12 nominations!! You are a force and I inspire you everyday @angelinajolie Vivian.

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“The Outsiders,” a sophisticated adaptation of the classic young adult novel, won the Tony Award for Best Musical. Based on SE Hinton’s beloved book, the musical is about a rival gang of haves and have-nots in 1960s Oklahoma. Angelina was the producer and Vivienne was the assistant producer on the show.

Angelina at the Tony Awards

For the event, Angelina wore a gorgeous tea dress and completed her look with a matching scarf. 15-year-old Princess Vivienne wore a perfect outfit consisting of a white shirt, tea vest and trousers. Angelina talked about Vivienne in an interview with Deadline. “He appreciates all the theater, but he definitely knows what he feels close to and what he responds to. Then, last year, he had to watch everyone work to turn it around, and Vivienne was there,” he said.

Fans will next see Priyanka in the upcoming film Bluff. Directed by Frank E Flowers, Bluff follows the story of a former pirate, played by Priyanka, who must protect her family when the sins of her past haunt her, set in the 19th century Caribbean. Produced by the Russo Brothers banner AGBO Studios and Amazon MGM Studios, Bluff promises to be an exciting adventure.

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