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How will the new parliament building be opened?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla are scheduled to inaugurate the new Parliament building on May 28. The inauguration ceremony of new parliament is planned in two phases. The event will begin with a ritual after which the dignitaries will explore the premises of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha chambers in the new building. The second part of the ceremony is likely to begin at noon with the National Anthem in the House of Commons.

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Here’s how the new parliament building will be inaugurated:

1. The ceremony will begin with a ritual that will take place inside the canopy near the Mahatma Gandhi statue in Parliament. PM Modi, LS Speaker Om Birla, Rajya Sabha Deputy Speaker Hariwansh along with senior ministers are expected to attend.

2. The premises of the lower and upper chambers will be inspected by dignitaries after the ritual. A sacred ‘Sengol’ will also be installed in the Lok Sabha chamber next to the speaker’s chair.

3. The ‘Sengol’ will be installed after a ritual attended by priests from Tamil Nadu, including the original jeweler who designed it.

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4. After the culmination of the first phase around 9:30 am, the second phase will begin at noon.

5. During this phase, a speech will be delivered by the Deputy Speaker of the Rajya Sabha, Hariwansh, who will further read out a written felicitation on behalf of the Rajya Sabha, Speaker, Jagdeep Dhankar. A written message by President Droupadi Murma will also be read out on the occasion.

6. PM Modi will release the coin and stamp on the historic occasion and will also deliver his speech on the occasion, after which the Secretary General of the Lok Sabha will deliver the vote of thanks to conclude the ceremony

7. Chief Architect of Parliament Building Bimal Patel, Industrialist Ratan Tata along with film stars and sports personalities were invited for the occasion.

8. A total of 25 political parties confirmed their participation in the event. AIADMK, Apna Dal, Republican Party of India, Shinde’s Shiv Sena faction, NPP and NPF are among the few NDA parties participating.

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