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NASA shares stunning image of ‘Necklace Nebula’, orbiting Sun-like stars 15,000 light-years away

The space agency NASA routinely captures stunning images of our universe, leaving space enthusiasts enthralled. NASA’s Instagram handle is a treasure trove for those who enjoy watching educational videos and fascinating images featuring Earth and space.
This time, NASA shared a stunning image of the ”Necklace Nebula” on Instagram, which was formed by a pair of closely orbiting Sun-like stars. ”Woven from Nebula Stardust: A Cosmic Necklace,” the image was captioned.
Explaining how the Necklace Nebula formed, NASA wrote: “About 10,000 years ago, an aging star expanded to the point where it was submerged in its companion star. A pair of stars orbiting close together has formed a nebula creating bright knots of gas that look like diamonds in a necklace.”
The “Necklace” Nebula is located 15,000 light-years away and is also known as PN G054.203.4. NASA described the image as: “At the center of the image is a green core surrounded by a ring of bright, shiny clumps of gas. A cloud of gas surrounds the ring. The background is dark and full of small, medium and larger stars. Small red clouds of gas are in the upper left and lower right of the image. ”
The picture has garnered 7,99,929 likes and hundreds of comments since it was posted. Netizens liked the picture and expressed their delight in the comments section.
One user wrote: “I look at the size and depth and ambiguity in them and think, all these galaxies, all these planets, all these black holes and stars and nebulae and system and all these crimes and unknown spaces! How can we be alone? What creatures do we see the world’s past and in which galaxy are they watching our past billions of years later? Where are the other creatures in this picture and what planet do they live on?”
Another commented: ”WOW. It’s a beautiful necklace.” A third added: ”Wooooow So beautiful and captivating.”
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