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Listening to upbeat or soothing music can help overcome motion sickness

A new study shows that listening to upbeat music can reduce cybersickness – motion sickness from virtual reality experiences. When people listen to upbeat and calming music, the intensity of nausea-related symptoms decreases significantly.

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh studied the effects of music in a virtual reality environment among 39 people aged 22 to 36. Several experiments determined how cyberneticism affects memory skills by recording reading speed and reaction time. University of Edinburgh.

Participants are immersed in a virtual environment, traveling through three roller coasters aimed at creating cybernetic diseases. Both walk accompanied by electronic music that does not have lyrics or music that is considered soothing or happy in the previous study.

Findings show that upbeat music significantly reduces the intensity of cyberneticism, which is associated with a temporary decrease in memory test scores and reduced pupil size. However, according to the statement, it shows that higher gaming experience is associated with lower cyberneticness.

Music significantly reduces the intensity of cyberneticism

These findings suggest that music can be used to reduce cyberneticism and better understand how gaming experience correlates with levels of cyberneticness. Researchers recommend soothing or upbeat music to reduce cybersickness in immersive virtual reality.

 Virtual reality is often used as a tool in educational and clinical settings, but motion sickness can temporarily reduce thinking ability and slow reaction time. The use of music as an intervention may facilitate the greater use of virtual reality in areas as diverse as education.

Virtual reality can move away from traditional virtual learning and create a more interactive experience for students and teachers, overcoming the limitations of space and time, as highlighted by the World Economic Forum in May 2022.

 Additionally, when virtual reality is used as a classroom tool, teachers can create a more collaborative environment. Incorporating it into regular instruction can create a unique experience tailored to each student’s ability, style, pace, and learning curve. New research shows how solving virtual reality problems can help increase acceptance.

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