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Delhi’s Healthcare Renaissance: MCD Announces ₹117 Crore for Over 1,700 Healthcare Projects

Mayor Shelly Oberoi has unveiled an ambitious plan to revamp healthcare facilities under the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). In a significant announcement, Oberoi disclosed that the MCD is embarking on a transformative journey, with a whopping ₹117 crore allocated for over 1,720 healthcare projects across the city.

These transformative projects encompass a wide spectrum of improvements, including crucial repair works, infrastructure upgrades, and the procurement of state-of-the-art equipment for seven hospitals, dispensaries, maternity centers, and primary health centers under the MCD umbrella. The Delhi government has pledged additional funds to support this extensive undertaking, with a scheduled completion date of March 2024.

Mayor Oberoi emphasized the commitment of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) to bolstering the education and health sectors, which have faced neglect during the 15-year reign of the BJP in MCD. She revealed that substantial funds have been allocated by the Delhi government under both capital and revenue heads to fortify healthcare infrastructure and services throughout the city.

Under the capital head, a generous ₹54 crore has been earmarked for 451 projects, while an additional ₹63 crore has been allocated under the revenue head for 1,269 smaller projects. These allocations are already being put to good use, with 80% of the revenue head funds designated for various projects that include critical acquisitions like anaesthesia workstations, ventilators, and advanced laser systems for various healthcare institutions.

Hindu Rao Hospital, the city’s largest MCD hospital, is set to undergo a comprehensive series of improvement projects, including vital repairs, maintenance work, and infrastructure upgrades. Similar initiatives are planned for other medical institutions like North Delhi Medical College and Swami Dayanand Hospital.

The plan also includes the construction of a new administrative block at the Rajan Babu TB Hospital, enhancing restroom facilities, and establishing a new maternity center in the Madipur area, slated to become operational by November. Additionally, several primary healthcare centers in various areas are set to receive building repairs, civil upgrades, and electrical enhancements.

Mayor Oberoi expressed her commitment to equipping Kasturba Maternity Hospital with essential medical equipment, including ultrasound machines and oxygen monitors, alongside the provision of ambulances to enhance emergency services.

However, Delhi BJP spokesperson Praveen Shankar Kapoor voiced concerns, highlighting that while infrastructure repair and renovations are commendable, the core issue lies in addressing the shortage of medical personnel, tests, and essential medicines. Kapoor urged the mayor to prioritize the appointment of doctors and paramedics, along with ensuring the availability of medicines and test facilities, to truly enhance healthcare services in MCD hospitals.

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