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US President Joe Biden Set to Elevate Global Cooperation at G20 Summit in India

US President Joe Biden is scheduled for a transformative visit to India from September 7-10 to participate in the esteemed G20 Leaders’ summit. The upcoming summit, attended by eminent leaders from across the globe, is poised to orchestrate vital discussions on a spectrum of pressing global concerns.

Joined by his fellow G20 partners, President Joe Biden will spearhead deliberations aimed at fortifying collective endeavors to address critical issues including the transition to clean energy and the paramount battle against climate change. Furthermore, the summit will spotlight efforts to ameliorate the far-reaching economic and social repercussions of the ongoing Ukraine conflict.

Among the deliberations, a pivotal focus will be on augmenting the capabilities of multilateral development institutions, including the World Bank, to enhance the combat against poverty on a global scale.

US President Joe Biden Set to Elevate Global Cooperation at G20 Summit in India
US President Joe Biden Set to Elevate Global Cooperation at G20 Summit in India

Emanating from the corridors of the White House, an official statement affirms the significance of this summit in the quest for global progress. During his sojourn in New Delhi, President Biden is poised to extend commendation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his adept stewardship of the G20.

This gesture not only underscores the collaborative spirit among nations but also reinforces the US commitment to the G20 as a premier platform for fostering economic synergy. Remarkably, this commitment will be accentuated by the US hosting the G20 in 2026, a testament to the enduring alliance for shared prosperity.

The backdrop of this summit is enriched by India’s ongoing presidency of the G20, a role assumed on December 1, 2022, and extending through November 30, 2023. This tenure has witnessed India’s earnest efforts in hosting numerous pivotal meetings across its expanse.

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Building upon a foundation of shared ideals, President Biden’s forthcoming visit aligns with the mutual aspirations expressed during Prime Minister Modi’s State visit to the United States in June. Biden’s anticipation for the G20 summit was unmistakably articulated, underscoring the collaborative potential that the summit holds.

In a joint declaration, the leaders applauded India’s role in steering the G20 presidency, amplifying the spotlight on fortifying multilateral institutions and international harmony. The focus extends to addressing global imperatives like climate change, pandemics, and promoting inclusive growth in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Donald Lu, the US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia, underlines the magnitude of the momentous year ahead. He highlights the significant roles played by key nations, with India hosting the G20, the US hosting APEC, and Japan presiding over the G7. The stage is set for meaningful cooperation, further intertwining the fabric of international relations.

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