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Japan to allocate more than USD one million assistance to Tonga

Tokyo [Japan]: On Wednesday, Japanese Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihiko Isozaki said that Japan intends to provide more than $1 million as assistance to Tonga to help the island nation deal with the consequences of the volcanic eruption.

“In the state of Tonga, a major volcanic eruption occurred, resulting in many injured and huge economic damage. The Japanese Government intends to provide assistance as far as it is possible, and for this purpose will allocate more than a million dollars of aid, as well as deliver food aid,” Isozaki said during a press conference.

The powerful underwater volcanic eruption that took place on Saturday is considered to be the world’s strongest eruption in the past 30 years. It caused a severe tsunami and covered the islands with a thick layer of volcanic ash, claiming the lives of at least three people.

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