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Jailer: Rajinikanth’s Unstoppable Action Flick Surges with ₹18.7 Crore Boost in Sunday’s Box Office Haul

In a dazzling display of its cinematic prowess, Rajinikanth‘s action-packed Tamil blockbuster, “Jailer,” continues to captivate audiences worldwide, amassing an impressive ₹18.7 crore nett on its eleventh day of release. The movie, also dubbed in Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada, has struck a chord with viewers across languages, contributing to its remarkable collection of ₹280.85 crore nett in India alone.

As reported by Sacnilk.com, “Jailer” is not only making waves within India but is leaving an indelible mark on the global box office as well. Industry expert Manobala Vijayabalan anticipates a staggering leap towards the ₹550 crore mark come Monday. This anticipated milestone comes on the heels of the movie’s already impressive performance, raking in a cumulative ₹543.96 crore in global box office earnings.

Vijayabalan eloquently summarized the film’s remarkable journey on Twitter, stating, “Jailer worldwide box office… Racing towards ₹550 crore club. Week 1 – ₹450.80 crore. Week 2 Day 1 – ₹19.37 crore. Day 2 – ₹17.22 crore. Day 3 – ₹26.86 crore. Day 4 – ₹29.71 crore. Total – ₹543.96 crore. STUNNING…”

Jailer’s journey to box office supremacy was fortified by its standout performance on the eleventh day, raking in ₹280.85 crore nett across all languages in India. Sunday alone contributed ₹18.7 crore nett, and expectations for Monday remain high at around ₹7.7 crore nett, according to Sacnilk.com’s projections.

Jailer became the third Tamil film to cross this threshold

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This milestone marks yet another accolade for the Rajinikanth-starrer, which recently joined the elite ₹500 crore club. In an illustrious feat, “Jailer” became the third Tamil film to cross this threshold, ranking second only to the Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar-starrer “2.0” in terms of speed. This cinematic marvel managed to breach the ₹500 crore mark in just ten days, an achievement that speaks volumes about its widespread appeal.

Directed by the talented Nelson Dilipkumar, “Jailer” boasts an ensemble cast that includes Vinayakan, Ramya Krishnan, Vasanth Ravi, Tamannaah Bhatia, and extended cameos by Shiva Rajkumar, Mohanlal, and Jackie Shroff. The film’s production under Sun Pictures and the musical compositions by Anirudh Ravichander have contributed to its undeniable allure.

Rajinikanth himself celebrated the film’s resounding success during his recent visit to Lucknow. Expressing gratitude for the movie’s triumph, he remarked, “I will watch the film with the CM (Yogi Adityanath). It’s God’s blessing that the movie is becoming a hit.” This sentiment resonates with the audiences who have embraced “Jailer” as a true cinematic gem.

As the film’s journey continues to unfold, its resolute march towards ₹550 crore and beyond stands as a testament to its enduring impact on the world of cinema. Rajinikanth’s magnetic presence, coupled with a riveting narrative and masterful direction, ensures that “Jailer” remains a force to be reckoned with in the realm of action-packed entertainment.

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