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Israel Warns Gaza Residents to Evacuate Ahead of Expected Ground Offensive

The Israeli military has issued a warning to residents in southern Palestine, urging them to evacuate ahead of an expected ground offensive against Hamas. This follows a deadly attack on Tel Aviv on October 7, considered the deadliest in the city’s history. Israel has been conducting a week of intense bombardments on Gaza in response to this attack.
The Israeli military reports “significant movement” of civilians in southern Palestine, suggesting that many are heeding the evacuation warning. Israeli ground forces have conducted “localized” raids in Gaza over the past 24 hours with the aim of clearing the area of terrorists and weaponry, as well as locating missing persons. They emphasize that they are not targeting Palestinian civilians and are working to evacuate them.
US President Joe Biden has stated that consultations are ongoing with regional governments to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. He also mentioned that the US administration is working diligently to rescue American hostages held by Hamas.
Hamas has vowed to fight to the last drop of blood and has urged Gaza residents to stay, despite the warnings from Israel.
The United Nations and other organizations have warned of a potential disaster if a large number of people are forced to flee Gaza. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres emphasized the need for immediate humanitarian access to provide essential supplies like fuel, food, and water to those in need.
Lebanon’s Hezbollah, an Iran-backed movement, has declared that they are fully prepared to join Hamas in the war against Israel when the time is right.
The conflict has resulted in a high number of casualties, with both Israeli civilians and Palestinian civilians suffering. The toll of Thai nationals killed in the attack has risen to 24, and 16 Thai nationals are believed to be taken hostage by Hamas. Israel’s military has stated its clear objective to dismantle Hamas and its military capabilities. They aim to fundamentally change the situation to prevent future harm to Israeli civilians and soldiers.
This ongoing situation reflects the heightened tensions and violence in the region, with both sides taking significant actions and preparing for further conflict.
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