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Haryana Police Intensifies Crackdown on Farmers’ Protest: Cancels Passports, Visas of Protesters Involved in Violence

Amidst ongoing tensions surrounding the farmers’ protest, the Haryana Police has escalated its efforts to curb unrest by announcing the cancellation of passports and visas belonging to protesters engaged in violence and damaging public property along the Punjab-Haryana border.

Deputy Superintendent of Police, Ambala, Joginder Sharma, revealed that individuals involved in violent acts, particularly those crossing from Punjab into Haryana under the guise of the farmers’ protest, have been identified through surveillance footage captured by CCTV and drone cameras.

“We will request the Ministry of Home Affairs and the embassy to cancel their visas and passports… Their photos, name, and address will be given to the passport office. We are working on cancelling their passports,” stated Joginder Sharma in a video statement.

The move comes in response to recent clashes between protesting farmers and law enforcement personnel at the border, where attempts were made to breach barricades erected by the police. Reports indicate that tear gas and water cannons were deployed in efforts to disperse the protestors, who were forcibly attempting to breach the barricades and cross into Haryana.

Additionally, fresh clashes on February 23 prompted the Haryana Police to use tear gas to scatter protesting farmers near the Khanauri border in Punjab. The situation remains tense, with the Punjab Police registering a murder case following the death of Shubhkaran Singh, a 21-year-old farmer who lost his life during clashes at the Khanauri border on February 21.

The incident has sparked outrage among the farming community, with demands for justice echoing amidst calls for accountability. Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has announced compensation for Singh’s family, underscoring the gravity of the situation and the need for swift action to address the underlying grievances of the protesting farmers.

As tensions persist and authorities grapple with escalating unrest, the cancellation of passports and visas represents a significant step in the government’s efforts to quell dissent and restore order along the Punjab-Haryana border. However, the move is likely to fuel further debate and intensify scrutiny over the handling of the farmers’ protest, underscoring the complex socio-political dynamics at play.

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