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Communal Violence Erupts in Haldwani Over Demolition of Madrasa; Curfew Imposed, Shoot-at-Sight Order Issued

Haldwani, a city in the Nainital district, was gripped by communal tension on Thursday evening following violent clashes in the Banbhoolpura area over the demolition of an “illegally built” madrasa. The situation escalated to the extent that the district magistrate imposed a curfew in Banbhoolpura and issued a ‘shoot-at-sight’ order against the rioters.

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District magistrate Vandana Singh provided updates on the situation on Friday morning, revising the death toll to two from the previously mentioned three to four due to confusion. Over 100 people, primarily police personnel, have been injured in the violence so far. Singh stated that the curfew was imposed to maintain law and order, with internet services suspended in the city and schools ordered to remain closed.

Key updates on the Haldwani communal violence include:

•The violence erupted after residents allegedly set vehicles on fire and hurled stones, injuring over 100 people, primarily police personnel and municipal workers involved in the demolition of the madrasa.

•Senior superintendent of police Prahlad Meena stated that a notice was served earlier regarding the illegally constructed madrasa on government land.

•District magistrate Vandana mentioned that during the violence outside the Banbhoolpura police station, gunfire was reported, with police firing in the air. Identification of the deceased is ongoing to ascertain the cause of death.

•Vandana claimed that rioters attempted to torch the Banbhoolpura police station but were prevented by police forces. The violence later spread to the Gandhi Nagar area.

•The district magistrate described the violence as pre-planned and unprovoked, with rioters using stones and petrol bombs. However, the situation is now under control, with paramilitary forces deployed in the area.

•Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami convened a meeting of senior officials in Dehradun to address the situation.

The demolition of the madrasa, carried out in the presence of municipal and administrative officials, sparked the violent clashes, highlighting the delicate communal dynamics in the region.

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