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Google to Manufacture Pixel Smartphones in India as Part of “Make in India” Initiative

In a significant development, Google has announced that it will manufacture its Pixel smartphones in India, marking its commitment to the “Make in India” initiative. The announcement was made at Google for India, the ninth edition of the company’s annual event tailored for the Indian market.
The Pixel 8, which was recently launched, is expected to be the first smartphone in the Pixel lineup to be locally produced in India. The rollout of the locally-manufactured Pixel devices is anticipated in 2024, and this move aims to make Pixel smartphones more accessible to a broader segment of the Indian population.
Rick Osterloh, Google’s Senior VP for Devices and Services, shared this exciting news at the in-person event, generating cheers and applause from the audience. He emphasized Google’s strong commitment to the Indian market, describing it as a “priority market” for Pixel devices.
Osterloh went on to underscore India’s thriving manufacturing ecosystem, emphasizing how the nation has transformed into a world-class hub for manufacturing in recent years. Google’s partnership with both international and domestic manufacturers is a significant step towards contributing to the local manufacturing landscape.
This decision to manufacture Pixel smartphones in India is not only a testament to the potential of the Indian market but also demonstrates Google’s eagerness to become an integral part of India’s economic growth and “Make in India” initiative. It’s a move that will not only enhance the accessibility of Pixel smartphones in India but also contribute to the country’s growing technology and manufacturing sectors.
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