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What is Gene editing technology, Will ‘Birthpod’ be based on Gene-editing technology “EctoLife”

In recent times, Scientific Community is under discussion on gene editing technology , birthpod, Artificial Womb Facility is in full swing. In this article is based on effort being done by eminent scientist regarding this whether this news is just a wind or research is really being done.

Gene editing (also called genome editing) is a collection of technologies that enable scientists to modify an organism’s DNA (genes). In a technology genome, where the work of adding, deleting or changing the features that have been received from the ancestors is done. Gene editing is the technique that is used to alter the genes of an organism, that is, to alter the qualities and defects that have been going on for generations.

Let us tell you that the work on CRISPR technology is going on, through this already ongoing disease research, drug testing and therapy development, rapid treatment, in-vivo editing (In Vivo Editing) and changes in genes by improving necessary conditions. is being done and in this way this technology works to prevent the same defects from occurring in the next generation.

Scientists have been working on a theory for many years about how to use CRISPR technology to improve the function of the body’s T-cells so that the immune system is better able to recognize and destroy cancer. Along with this, diseases of blood and immune system and other diseases can be eradicated.

In recent days, a research has been published in Nature Journal, that the Next year could see the first approval of CRISPR gene-editing therapy, which involves collecting a person’s own stem cells and correcting faulty genes before putting the cells back into the person.

Let us tell you that when the world’s first gene-editing test was done for HIV disease in California, in which HIV immune cells were removed from the blood of about 80 patients, for this a technique called Zinc-finger Nucleases (ZFNs) was used. The work of China is also no less, in which researchers improved a defective gene of human embryo and found that these defective genes also cause blood disease.

This test was also successful for diseases like malaria. Scientists said that they had also used gene editing to cure malaria, so that malaria could be stopped.Friends, it is not that gene editing is being made only for humans, the same crisper technology is being used by farmers to make crops disease resistant. In the medical field, gene editing can treat diseases that can be passed on from generation to generation, such as heart disease and some forms of cancer, or another form of disease that may develop later.

How it will be used:

 Through gene editing technology, the genome of the child can be changed in the embryonic stage itself. So that hereditary diseases can be prevented from spreading. And in this way the children will be free from genetic diseases.

Using this technique, such children can be designed in the future, who will be more intellectual and powerful than normal children. Because gene editing can be done, as recently there was a news that labor pain will be relieved in the future. Children will be born in artificial wombs i.e. birth pods which can be based on similar techniques.

The more successful the scientists are in this technology, the more the human power will expand because diseases can be controlled to a great extent. At the same time, there are many arguments that gene editing will further strengthen the concept of birth of ‘designer baby’ in future. His parents will be able to insert features as per their wish. Due to which great complications and disparities will arise in the society.

The same designer baby making business can also start. Because only financially rich people will be able to get this done, they will get a chance to change their child’s intelligence and personality through gene editing.

Opinion and Edited by: Megha Chaubey

Managing Director : Meghabri Consultancy Services

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