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G20 delegates have smooth ride: residents want Pune Municipal Corporation to repair and concrete other roads development

While citizens are delighted that the main routes that the G20 delegates will travel – directly from Lohegaon airport to Viman nagar, Nagar road and Senapati Bapat road – have been repaired, concreted and beautified by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) ahead of the G20 summit on 16 and On January 17, they are disappointed that the civic body has neglected to repair other roads in these areas which are in poor condition and used by thousands of commuters daily.

The PMC has modernized and beautified the main parts of the city where the delegates are expected to travel and hides the unsightly parts with piles and the like.

Vinod Pawar, a local resident and Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) city wing secretary, said, “We are proud that our country is hosting the G20 meetings in 2023 and that some of them are being held in Pune, for which all the PMC departments are working day and night. We live in Vishrantwadi and daily thousands of people travel from Lohegaon Airport to Vishrantwadi Road and Yerawada Jail Road. Both roads are in worse condition. Suddenly, we see some roads from the airport being repaired and modified, but the concretization of these two roads has still not been done despite constant demand from our side in the last few years. We have therefore submitted a request to the PMC commissioner to repair these roads as well.”

Resident Sheetal Manasve said: “I travel to work daily through Yerawada Jail and it is full of potholes and there is always a risk of accidents. If the PMC has the funds to repair and beautify more roads for the G20 summit, it should also think of the thousands of citizens who are risking their lives on these roads and repair them immediately.”

While a senior PMC road department official said on condition of anonymity, “Both these roads will be repaired, but we have been instructed to focus on the routes that the G20 delegates will be traveling on and repair them first on priority. Once the G20 meeting is over, we will definitely fix the potholes and concrete work will be done on both these roads.”

By: Vaishali Verma

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