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Former Pakistan’s PM Fawad Hussain Surprising Praise: Chandrayaan-3’s Lunar Mission Hailed as a Triumph

In an unexpected turn of events, former Pakistan minister Fawad Hussain extended his heartfelt admiration for India’s space endeavors, particularly its third lunar mission, Chandrayaan-3. After years of skepticism and mockery directed at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Hussain took to social media on Tuesday to laud Chandrayaan-3’s imminent lunar landing as a “historic moment for humankind.”

In a tweet that caught many by surprise, the former Science and Technology minister under the Imran Khan regime praised the tireless efforts of India’s scientists and space community. He called upon Pakistani media to broadcast the moon landing live, recognizing the significance of the achievement not only for India but for the entirety of humanity.

“Pak media should show #Chandrayan moon landing live tomorrow at 6:15 PM… historic moment for Human kind especially for the people, scientists and Space community of India…. Many Congratulations,” Hussain wrote on his social media account.

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This shift in perspective follows Hussain’s earlier congratulatory message on July 14, when ISRO initiated the third moon mission. “Congratulations to Indian space and Science community on the launch of #Chandrayan3, wishing you all the best,” he had conveyed.

This new stance represents a departure from Hussain’s previous stance in 2019 when he had critically mocked ISRO during the Chandrayaan-2 mission. Back then, he questioned the Indian government’s allocation of ₹900 crore towards the lunar mission, deeming it unwise. He even employed the hashtag ‘India Failed’ on a post after the mission’s setback during the final stages.

Chandrayaan-3, set to land softly on the moon’s south pole on Wednesday evening at 6:04 pm, is poised to mark a momentous occasion for India’s space exploration. With less than half a day remaining for the historic event, the Vikram lander of the mission is diligently selecting the optimal landing site on the lunar surface.

Should all go according to plan, India will etch its name in history as the fourth nation to accomplish a gentle lunar landing, joining the ranks of the United States, Russia, and China.

The Indian Space Research Organisation plans to broadcast the landing operation live starting from 5:27 pm on August 23. For those interested, the broadcast will be accessible via ISRO’s official website (, their YouTube channel (, and their Facebook page ( This event promises not only to mark an important step in space exploration but also a bridge between nations as former skepticism gives way to shared appreciation for scientific achievements.

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