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New Study Suggests Mysterious Earth Blobs Linked to Formation of Moon in Giant Impact

A recent study published in Nature Climate Change suggests that two large, mysterious blobs deep within Earth’s mantle may be remnants of a Mars-sized protoplanet called Theia, which collided with the young Earth about 4.5 billion years ago, resulting in the formation of the Moon.
Theia’s Impact and the Moon’s Formation
Researchers from the California Institute of Technology and the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory propose that the Moon was created when Theia collided with Earth during the early solar system. This colossal impact would have melted much of Earth and Theia, which later recombined to form a larger Earth. In the process, vast amounts of dust and rock were ejected into orbit, ultimately coalescing to form the Moon.
To understand the connection between this ancient collision and Earth’s deep mantle, scientists turned their attention to large, continental-sized blobs within Earth’s mantle known as Large-Low Velocity Provinces (LLVP). Although these blobs have been observed by seismologists, their origins have remained enigmatic.
Unveiling the Origins of the Blobs
By conducting computer simulations of the ancient impact and Earth’s convective currents, researchers suggest that the massive collision would have melted the upper portion of Earth’s mantle. As a result, a substantial portion of Theia would have penetrated deeper into Earth, gradually descending towards its core over the course of 4.5 billion years.
These ancient materials would eventually become the blobs observed today, located near the boundary with Earth’s core. Dr. Qian Yuan, one of the study’s authors, believes that the lunar mantle rocks could provide further insights into this theory. He anticipates future lunar missions that can return samples of the Moon’s mantle. If these rocks share chemical signatures with LLVP-related basalts, it could bolster the theory that both originated from Theia.
The study opens a new chapter in our understanding of Earth’s formation and the formation of the Moon, shedding light on mysteries hidden deep within our planet.
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