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On Diwali festivities a solar eclipse will occur on October 25 and visible from most cities in India

Amid the Diwali festivities, a partial solar eclipse will occur on Tuesday, October 25 and will be visible from most cities in India. The eclipse – the second and last of the year – is expected to be visible across Europe, north-east Africa and western Asia. As a result, the cities where the partial eclipse will be most visible will be New Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai, Ujjain, Varanasi and Mathura. “The partial solar eclipse will begin in Iceland at around 2:29 PM IST and will be visible at its maximum from Russia at 4:30 PM (IST). It will end at around 6:32 PM (IST) over the Arabian Sea,” astrophysicist Debi Prasad Duari said.

“During the new moon (Amavasya), the Sun, Moon and Earth almost come into a linear configuration, so we can see the Moon from Earth without any sunlight falling on it. But occasionally, like on October 25, the Sun, Moon and Earth will be almost in the same plane, resulting in the Moon partially covering the Sun for a period of time and causing a partial solar eclipse,” he explained.

Which cities in India will see a partial solar eclipse?

The partial eclipse will be visible for the longest time – 1 hour 45 minutes – from Gujarat’s Dwarka. “It will begin at approximately 4:29 PM in New Delhi and end at sunset at 6:09 PM, with the maximum eclipse occurring at 5:42 PM when the Sun will be covered by the Moon for only 24.5 hours. percent,” Duari said.

In Mumbai, he noted, the eclipse will begin at 4:49 pm and the maximum will also occur around 5:42 pm. In South and Central India, the eclipse will be observed just before sunset. In Bengaluru, the eclipse will begin at 5:12 PM, peak at 5:49 PM and end at 5:55 PM at sunset. Chennai will have the eclipse during 5.14 pm to 5.44 pm, the astrophysicist said.

On the other hand, the eastern metropolis will be able to witness a partial solar eclipse for a very short time during sunset, Duari said. In Kolkata, the eclipse will be visible for only 11 minutes, while in Siliguri it will be visible for 17 minutes. The eclipse will not be observed at all from the northeastern states as the phenomenon will occur after sunset in those areas, he said.

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