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Delhi Sizzles Near 50°C: Why Such Scorching Heat? When Can We Expect a Respite? FAQs Answered

Delhi, India – May 29, 2024, 01:23 PM IST: Delhi is experiencing an extreme heatwave, with temperatures soaring to nearly 50 degrees Celsius. Mungeshpur and Narela recorded 49.9°C, followed by Najafgarh at 49.8°C, marking the highest temperatures ever recorded in the city. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a red alert for the next two days due to severe heatwave conditions.

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Delhi is experiencing an extreme heatwave, with temperatures soaring to nearly 50 degrees Celsius

Why Is Delhi So Hot?

Several factors are contributing to the scorching temperatures:

Hot Winds from Rajasthan: Hot winds from Rajasthan are affecting Delhi, particularly the outskirts.

Open Areas and Vacant Land: Increased radiation in open areas without shade leads to exceptionally high temperatures.

Lack of Western Disturbances: The absence of western disturbances, which typically bring cooler weather, has exacerbated the heatwave.

When Will There Be Relief?

Relief is expected starting May 30, as a fresh western disturbance is anticipated over northwest India. This could bring isolated rainfall over the weekend, providing some respite from the intense heat.

What to Do If Someone Is Affected by Heatwave?

•Move to Shade: Move the person to a cooler, shaded spot.

Hydrate: Offer water or rehydrating beverages if the person is conscious.

Cool Down: Use a fan and apply a cool, damp cloth to help lower body temperature.

Medical Attention: Seek medical help if symptoms worsen or if the person loses consciousness.

Avoid Certain Drinks: Do not give alcoholic, caffeinated, or carbonated drinks.

Emergency Kit Essentials

•Water bottle

•Umbrella/Hat or Cap/Head Cover

•Hand Towel

•Hand Fan

•Electrolyte/Glucose/Oral Rehydration Solution

Stay safe and take necessary precautions to combat the extreme heat.

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